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Negotiation is Dead; Let’s “Newgotiate”

Published by Aubrey Hicks on

Frank Zerunyan‘s new book Newgotiate is reviewed on California City News. Read Frank’s account of writing the book here.


In this eBook we create a unique 4-10-10 Newgotiation Technique as a unified dialect, which helps public leaders, individuals and organizations to speak the same language of Newgotiation. The 4-10-10 Newgotiation Technique allows readers and practitioners to apply 4 simple steps to 10 elements and evaluate implementation with 10 indicators in each and every negotiation. Newgotiation creates a process that is common to all to improve relationships and trust leading to better outcomes in deal making. We hope our readers and practitioners join us to shift from hard power to smart cognitive power to encourage the making of creative and collaborative decisions. Last but not least, we wrote this eBook to improve the probability to close a better deal, to improve the value of a deal by inventing and to improve the productivity to close a deal by sharing and collaborating.

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