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On Such a Full Sea

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Featuring Raphael BosticDavid SloaneJeremy Loudenback, and Aubrey Hicks In this edition of the Bedrosian Book Club Podcast, we’re looking at the dystopian novel On Such a Full Sea by Chang-rae Lee. Lee’s novel follows Fan, a young woman from one of the labor communities, as she leaves her home in search of her love. In a corporatized future world – where the wealthy fly in helicopters, workers try to compete with robots, and the really poor live in favelas – what becomes of social mobility and the notions of resilience and hope and equality? Follow us on Twitter! Follow Raphael at @RaphaelBosticDavid at @dcsloane53, Jeremy at @jremylback , and Aubrey at @AubreyHi To listen to the Bedrosian Book Club Podcast discussion of On Such a Full Sea, click the orange arrow in the Soundcloud player at the top of this post. Or you can download it and subscribe through Soundcloud or iTunes! On Such a Full Sea podcast transcription

Next Month …

Tune in next time for a conversation about Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick – the classic science fiction novel that was the inspiration for the cult-classic film Blade Runner. We continue our look at how envisioning the future is necessary to thinking about the present. We’ll be joined by Colin Marshall, of the Notebook on Cities and Culture podcast. Check out his podcast, and his video series “The City and Cinema.” The DADES episode will air June 26th, read along with us and share your thoughts on Facebook. Email Aubrey if you are interested in joining the Facebook group.

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