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PIPE* Workshop: Ben Newman, UCR

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“Uncovering Discrimination in the Policing of Anti-Immigrant Hate Crime” 

With an increase in ethnically motivated hate crime, we explore the issue of the rigor in which law enforcement agencies police potential hate crime activity. We conducted a large-scale field experiment on roughly 6,800 police departments throughout the United States to test for discrimination in the policing of hate crime. Findings indicate legal immigrants expressing concern about hate crime victimization are significantly less likely to receive a reply from a police department if they are Middle Eastern or East Asian.

Benjamin J. Newman is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at the University of California, Riverside.  Additionally, Dr. Newman is currently a faculty affiliate at the Robert Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies.  His research focuses on class and income inequality, race and ethnic politics, and urban politics and policy.

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