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Policy visits the Playhouse again

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by Donnajean Ward

Last year the Bedrosian Center started a new initiative called Policy at the Playhouse as a way to discuss and explore public policy and governance through the lens of art and culture.  Artists have often called out and wrestled with politics, leadership and pressing social issues in ways that have as much impact as policy makers do.

On a recent trip to London I caught a performance of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure at the Globe Theatre. One of the so called “problem plays,Measure speaks to the effects of a leadership vacuum, the hypocrisy of public officials, justice, and public morals (or the hilarious lack thereof).  When Isabella movingly asks “To whom should I complain?” when confronted with a government official’s attempt at sexual coercion, it echoed the sexual harassment and rape crisis that women continue to face some 400 plus years later.

On Tuesday, September 29 the Bedrosian Center will head back to the Pasadena Playhouse to see Real Women Have Curves, Josefina Lopez’s play about women, work, economic self-sufficiency, and body image.

After the performance, Gloria Molina, former “queen” of the LA County Board of Supervisors and Bedrosian faculty affiliate, Professor Nicole Esparza, will sit down with director Seema Sueko and members of the cast to lead a Talkback Tuesday panel discussion titled Women At Work: How Los Angeles Is Working To Strengthen Women In The Work Force. 

[This event has past, tickets are no longer available.]

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