Best & Worst in Governance

As part of our mission to create dialogue around good governance practices, the Bedrosian Center seeks to highlight examples of governance at the local, state, and national levels.

Best & Worst in Governance was an attempt to call out good governance, we ended this series in April 2015.

But what do we mean by governance?

While some may confuse governance and government, governance refers to the processes and activities related to governing and management. While governance literature suggests more nuanced descriptions, the United Nations defines good governance in terms of “equity, participation, pluralism, transparency, accountability and the rule of law, in a manner that is effective, efficient and enduring.” But governance is not just found in elected governments; good governance practices are equally important for nonprofit organizations, civil society, and the private sector. Though it often escapes scrutiny, good governance is a critical component to the continued success of organizations, government, and companies around us.

Best in Governance

January 2015: Rules of Engagement
February 2015: City of Chicago’s Problem Landlord List
January 2014: California Governor Brown
February 2014: Speaker of the House John Boehner
March 2014: Edward Snowden, Barack Obama, and the NSA Reforms
April 2014: National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner Adam Silver
May 2014: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
June 2014:  U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in New York
July 2014: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio
August 2014: Los Angeles Unified School District
September 2014: Civic participation efforts in Hong Kong and Scotland
October 2014: Best Voting Trends – Louisiana and Illinois
November 2014: Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Board
December 2014: Barack Obama

Worst in Governance

January 2015: John Boehner
February 2015: Hillary Clinton
January 2014: Georgia Governor Deal
February 2014: Former Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin
March 2014:  Leland Yee and Scandal-Plagued California State Senators
April 2014: Lack of Federal Action on Immigration Issues
May 2014: VA Hospitals Scandal
June 2014: U.S. Department of State
July 2014: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
August 2014: Ferguson, MO Police Department
September 2014: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
October 2014: Worst Voting Trends – Texas and North Carolina
November 2014: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
December 2014: Sony

Best & Worst in Governance : Director’s Statement