2005-2009 Salons

For Whom the TEL Tolls: Can State Tax and Expenditure Limits Effectively Reduce Spending?

March 24, 2008
Mathew D. McCubbins the USC Gould School of Law, discussed

The Promise of Voluntary Environmentalism: Green Clubs and ISO 14001

March 6, 2008
Matthew Potoski (Iowa State University)

Strategic Network Management of Interorganizational Collaboration: From Theory to Practice

January 29, 2008
Danielle M. Varda from RAND Corporation [currently at the University of Colorado, Denver]

Implementation of E-government at a Local Level: The Swiss Experience

December 6, 2007
Kuno Schedler from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland: “Implementation of E-government at a Local Level: The Swiss Experience.”

Democratic Network Governance

April 2006
Eva Sorensen and Jacob Torfing (University of Roskilde, Denmark) provided an international perspective on the roles of networks in democratic governance.

Coping with Healthcare Spending: The Mother of All Budget Problems

March 2006
Alice Rivlin of The Brookings Institution discussed research in progress on the role that healthcare spending plays in driving budgetary costs and social resource allocation.

Dark Networks as Governance Problems

February 2006
Brint Milward of the University of Arizona, at a luncheon salon, made a presentation regarding “Dark Networks as Governance Problems,” in which he discussed the implications for policy and management of the growth in “dark networks,” illegal networked organizations that may be involved in such criminal activities as drug or human trafficking, arms and diamond smuggling or terrorism. At the dinner salon, he discussed the implications for administrative accountability and control of the increased reliance on third parties (private firms and NGOs) in the design, management and execution of policies.

Building Organizational Capabilities for E-Government

January 2006
Jon Gant Syracuse University, discussed the organizational challenges to using information and communication technologies (IT) to deliver government services.

Democracy and Representation in U.S. Local Governments

September 2005
Christine Kelleher, from the University of Michigan at Dearborn, presented research analyzing the relationship between metropolitan institutions and municipal responsiveness.