2010-2011 Salons

Between Experts and Initiatives: A Field Experiment in Republican Consultation

February 17, 2011
Michael Neblo (Ohio State University) presented results from an experiment to connect members of Congress with their constituents and a discussion of those results with respect to how the public become informed about politics.

When the Smoke Clears: Expertise, Learning, and Policy Diffusion

January 27, 2011
Charles R. Shipan (University of Michigan) discussed his large-scale analysis of antismoking laws across the United States to look at policy diffusion and try to why some public policies are more successful in the long-run than others.

The Nexus Between Governance and Policymaking: Resource Dependence and the Study of American Politics

January 13, 2011
George A. Krause (University of Pittsburgh). discussed the nexus between organizations, American political institutions, and decision making behavior in policymaking.

Congressional Development of the Institutional Presidency

November 15, 2010
Sean Gailmard (UC Berkeley), arguably the finest political economist working on public administration questions in the nation, discussed some key findings from a theoretical book project being completed in collaboration with John Patty (Washington University, St Louis). [update: June 2012 Gailmard and Patty’s book Learning While Governing: Expertise and Accountability in the Executive Branch was released December 2012.)

Public Management and Performance: An Evidence-Based Research Agenda

November 8, 2010
Larry O’Toole (University of Georgia), one of the most prolific public management scholars in the world, presented an overview of his work.