2011-2012 Salons

Political Geography, Campaign Contributions, and Representation

March 21, 2012
Elisabeth R. Gerber (University of Michigan) discussed how we understand and study political behavior and the interest that citizens have for elections outside of their own congressional district.

Presidential Rhetoric and the Public Agenda: Constructing the War on Drugs

November 15, 2011
Andy Whitford (University of Georgia), one of the best public administration scholars, used mixed methods to examine the president’s rhetorical strategies in the War on Drugs.


The Concept, Origins and Effects of Issue Ownership

October 25, 2011
Stefaan Walgrave (University of Antrwerp), a specialist in social movements and public policy, spoke about issue ownership within a international comparative context.

The Judicial Business Cycle

October 3, 2011
Nancy Staudt, a new colleague in the USC Price and Law Schools that year as well as a major tax scholar, discussed evidence that macroeconomic conditions impact judicial decisions.

Competing Solutions to the Principal-Agent Model

September 20, 2011
Steve Haptonstahl (UCDavis) offered insight on statistical approaches for studying principal-agent relationships.

American Ideology: Conservatism and Liberalism in Contemporary Politics

September 6, 2011
Morgan Marietta (University of Georgia) discussed the disconnect between what political ideology is and what we think we mean when we talk about it.