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Public Schools: “Traditional” vs. Charter

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In today’s episode of The Policy Paycheck, host Serena Allen compares charter schools in comparison to local district schools with expert Dr. Christine Beckman.

What is the difference between a traditional and charter school? How does the creation of charter schools economically impact local district schools? What are the controversies associated with charter schools?

Christine M. Beckman, The Price Family Chair in Social Innovation and Professor of Public Policy

Some of things we talked about ...

California’s charter schools soon to enter an uneasy era. Districts will have more discretion over charter approvals; how will they use it?

Article in EdSource, by John Fensterwald
The article goes in depth on Article 1505 in the California State Legislature.

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Philanthropy and the Growth of Charter Schools Article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Bruno V. Manno, & Brandon L. Wright.
This article questions the role of private funding in education.

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Charter Schools and California’s Local Control Funding Formula by Iwunze Ugo & Laura Hill.
This article in PPIC delves into the implementation of the LCFF. Implementation of LCFF "began a new chapter in the complex history of charter schools and their relationship to traditional public schools. On the one hand, the LCFF has brought charters into line with traditional public schools. On the other hand, it includes a provision that caps the amount of funding some high-need charters can receive."
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