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Aguila, E., Guerrero, E. G., & Vega, W. A.; Journal Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, 11(16): 1-9; 2016.

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Computations for Family Logistics in an Emergency
Schweitzer, L., with Liu,S.; Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (CACAIE, Impact Factor: 3.170) for special issue on planning; Forthcoming in a special issue on planning for evacuations.

From Subjects to Citizens: How Homeowners’ Participation Transforms Local Governance in Beijing
Wang, W., Li, H., & Cooper, T.; Administration & Society; Forthcoming.

A Field Study of Rental Market Discrimination across Origins in France
Acolin, A., Bostic, R., & Painter, G.; Journal of Urban Economics; Forthcoming.

Political Commitment, Policy Ambiguity, and Corporate Environmental Practices
Liu, N., Tang, S. Y., Zhan, X., & Lo, C. W. H.; Policy Studies Journal; Forthcoming.

Nonprofit Policy Advocacy under Authoritarianism
Li, H., Lo, C. W. H., & Tang, S. Y.; Public Administration Review; Forthcoming.

Social Security Contributions and Return Migration among Older Male Mexican Immigrants
Aguila, E., & Vega, A.; The Gerontologist; Forthcoming.

The Federal Design Dilemma: Congress and Intergovernmental Delegation
McCann, P. J. C.; Cambridge University Press ; Forthcoming.

Designing Cash Transfer Programs for an Older Population: The Mexican Case
Aguila, E., Kapteyn, A., & Tassot, C.; Journal of the Economics of Aging; Forthcoming.

A Step Toward a Healthier South Los Angeles: Improving Student Food Options through Healthy Street Vendor Legalization
Baird, R., Sloane, D. C., Stover, G. N., Flynn, G.; Cityscape; Forthcoming, 2016.

Separating the Impacts of Age and Birth Date on Retail Sales
Green, R., & Hendershott, P.; Journal of Shopping Center Research; Forthcoming.

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Bostic, R.W., & Molaison, D.; Economic and Risk Assessment of Hurricane Katrina, USC CREATE book; Forthcoming.

Legitimacy Through Networks: Interlocking Boards of Trustees and Organizational Performance
Esparza, N. & Jeon, S.H.; Public Performance & Management Review; Forthcoming.

The Diffusion and Implementation of Homlessness Policy: Ten Year Plans and the Shift to Permanent Supportive Housing
Esparza, N.; Social Service Review; Forthcoming.

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Bertelli, A., & Lewis, D.; Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory; Forthcoming.



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