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Studying Subnational Policy Making

Welcome to the third symposium of the Political Institutions & Political Economy Collaborative: Studying Subnational Policy Making.

Until recently, the study of American political institutions focused almost exclusively on activities and behaviors at the national level. And while analyses of the presidency, Congress, and the federal courts have generated much important research, their narrow scope has limited our general understanding of important aspects of the policy making process.

In the last decade, thanks to methodological advances and data availability, political scientists have increasingly examined American political institutions below the national level. As a result, scholars have been able to take advantage of interesting and unique variation at the state and local levels, which has enhanced our ability to study the policy making process more broadly.

This symposium, “Studying Subnational Policy Making,” brings together a number of scholars to examine important aspects of American political institutions and policy making below the national level. The papers are intended to be conceptual, and lay out the opportunities and challenges that a subnational perspective holds for the research endeavor. The authors will cover important substantive and theoretical topics including representation, executive politics, interest groups, and delegation, as well as methodologies (experiments and dynamics latent-variable models) for studying important topics like policy responsiveness.




Papers are available only to symposium participants. (Please refer to the password sent to participants via email.)

Invited Participants

Sarah Anzia (UC Berkeley)
Daniel Butler (UCSD)
Pamela Clouser McCann (USC)
Sharece Thrower (Vanderbilt)
Christopher Tausanovitch (UCLA)
Christopher Warshaw (George Washington)



Out-of-town guests will be staying at the Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Midtown at USC, located at 3540 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Refer to the email from Anne Johnson for confirmation numbers, and you can contact the Radisson with any other questions (213) 748-4141.





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