Abby K. Wood

In this episode of the PS You’re Interesting podcast, Jeff Jenkins talks with a Bedrosian Faculty Affiliate, Abby K. Wood. Wood is Associate Professor of Law, Political Science and Public Policy. When she first started her career she noticed that program evaluation wasn’t as robust as it could be, so she wanted to learn causal inference in order to find that balance.

Her interest is in corruption and therefore transparency. Her current work is on campaign finance, transparency, and dark money.


Twitter: @BedrosianCenter

Wood opinion piece featured in The Hill: Disclosure can encourage political speech

Bedrosian Faculty Affiliate Abby K. Wood, Assistant Professor of Law, Political Science and Public Policy at University of Southern California and her co-author Michael D. Gilbert is Sullivan & Cromwell Professor of Law at University of Virginia have contributed an op-ed to The Hill on disclosure during elections. Earlier this week, both the Clinton and Trump campaigns…