PEPL at the intersections of politics, economics and the law

by Janna Rezaee

This past June, I co-organized the Political Economy and Public Law (PEPL) conference here at USC with my colleague, Abby Wood. The goal of this small conference is to strengthen the connections between legal scholars and social scientists doing work at the intersection of politics, economics, and law.

This was the tenth annual PEPL conference. Prior to USC, PEPL has been held at Cornell, New York University, University of Rochester, Washington University in Saint Louis, University of Virginia, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Chicago.

Grose & Wood research update: Transparency and the Federal Election Commission

Highlights from the USC Price Bedrosian Center Governance Salon presentation featuring Abby Wood and Christian Grose. Watch the full video here. Christian Grose and Abby Wood discussed the policy implications of the Federal Election Commission audit program and how increased transparency can inform the electorate. Transparency has informational benefits to voters and can affect election…