United States Needs Cogent Immigration Law to Guide the Nation and its Values

The Globe Post published an op-ed by Frank V. Zerunyan of the USC Price School on US immigration law and American values. Frank V. Zerunyan: For almost 250 years the US has been enriched by immigrants, but no one has had the courage to pass comprehensive immigration reform to clearly state who can be welcomed…

Who’s Really in Charge? Government Bureaucracy Under Attack

Bureaucracy is so boring. Who cares? Not you, right? Well then, you’re in for an unwelcome surprise because the people who run our government from day to day aren’t the ones you voted for. Our democracy depends on the men and women of the bureaucracy. They execute the laws, and lately they’ve been doing it without supportive leadership, without the trust of the public … without a voice.

In this episode, William Resh is their voice, and we would be wise to listen.

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A Presidential transition

President Donald Trump isn’t the only one with a new job. Since Inauguration Day, positions up and down the federal bureaucracy have been filled with new people, working side by side with the legions of employees who have spent their entire careers in government. It’s a challenging situation for any new administration. In an interview with…