Turning the Corner: Progress Is Not Dead, Trump Is Not the Future

PhD candidate, Anthony Orlando, writes an op-ed about Los Angeles voters and Measure S within the larger political context:

The voters of Los Angeles have taken a stand—and the world should pay heed.

“Measure S,” the ballot initiative defeated in yesterday’s election, was not just a local issue. True, it would only have halted high-rise construction in one city. But like Brexit, like the election of Donald Trump, its effect would have been global.

Politics in Perspective

Sherry Bebitch Jeffe recently spent time in London which provided her with a fresh perspective on U.S. politics.  In the column written for Fox & Hounds, Jeffe provides great commentary comparing Brexit to the 2016 presidential campaign results and California politics. When the dust has settled on the political upheaval that is shaking Western democracies, it may take a…