Letter to a Trump Supporter #6: Black Homicides

Why are so many homicides committed by black Americans? There are really only two logical possibilities: Either they are innately more homicidal, or something has happened to them to put them in such a position.

The first possibility is, by definition, racism. It assumes that blacks are biologically different. Of course, any decent scientist can tell you that that’s not true, as can anyone who spends any time with black people.

Bedrosian Center Research Presentations: Intersectoral governance in community-based organizations

The USC Bedrosian Center funds several grants for USC Price faculty research on governance issues. Intersectoral governance in community-based organizations: prevalence, challenges, and best practices. Howard Greenwald, Professor Many observers today regard intersectoral collaboration as the key to achieving success in pursuing institutional or policy change, particularly in areas relevant to disadvantaged communities and historically…