Fearing active shooters, employers turn to workers to monitor their peers

The Washington Post quoted Erroll Southers of the USC Price School on identifying potential shooters in the workplace before incidents occur. “When it comes to attackers, they pick their victims,” said Erroll Southers, a former FBI agent who is now a security consultant and a professor of national and homeland security at the University of Southern…

USC Price Hosts Intelligence Analyst To Discuss Mueller Report

“The importance of having Malcolm here is you’ve got a person who has tracked and cataloged and written about this issue since it started,” Southers said. “We had a packed house, and I’m really encouraged by the diversity of people that came out in terms of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity and religion. I don’t think it’s a partisan issue. The American public wants to know what exactly is happening to our government and, more importantly, what this means for 2020.”

Us (dir. Jordan Peele)

From the mind the brought us Get Out, is the new film scaring audiences across the states. In Jordan Peele’s latest film, Us, doppelgängers menace a family trying to enjoy their summer vacation. But … as in Get Out, everything isn’t quite that simple. Warning: Spoilers!

What mirror is Peele holding up for us now?

Why far-right attackers aren’t charged as domestic terrorists

ThinkProgress quoted Erroll Southers of the USC Price School on why only perpetrators associated with a foreign country or ideology are charged with terrorism. “We don’t charge people with terror offenses unless they’re connected with a foreign country or ideology,” Southers told ThinkProgress. “While a hate crime charge can still send a person to prison…

Muslims and Government Officials Plan Next Steps in Christchurch

Voice of America quoted Erroll Southers of the USC Price School on why white supremacy is no longer a fringe movement. “I don’t think it’s (white supremacy) any longer a fringe movement, it is certainly coming of age. It is being globalized at a very rapid pace,” said Erroll Southers, a professor of national and…