Is Solidifying Borders the Answer to the Migrant Crisis in Europe?

2nd year MPP candidate, Robyn Burleson, tackles the growing refugee crisis in this overview piece.

The European Union is struggling to mitigate Europe’s refugee crisis as migrants flee civil wars and poverty in Syria, Iraq, and other nations caught up in domestic upheavals. Approximately 60 million people have been displaced because of conflicts around the world, the largest number of displaced people since World War 2. More than one million migrants traveled to Europe in 2015 alone, and Syria is the largest source of those refugees. The numbers of refugees continue to climb as civil wars escalate, and the majority of the migrants are arriving in Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Responding to the refugee crisis with humanitarian governance

by Justine Dodgen For anyone reading the news the past couple weeks, it has been hard to ignore the staggering and often heart wrenching news about the refugee* crisis facing the European Union as thousands of people seek asylum within its borders, many of them fleeing the war in Syria. In June and July alone, the…