Grose quoted in FiveThirtyEight on redistricting and the Supreme Court

ESPN’s “FiveThirtyEight” quoted Christian Grose of USC Dornsife on why representation at local, state, and federal  levels can do much for historically under-represented minorities. Partisan battles aside, political scientists say that in order for the government to pay attention to minority communities, those districts need representatives who are accountable to them. Christian Grose, an associate…

The Silver Standard

September 16, 2013 – by Jeremy Loudenback – Here at Bedrosian Center headquarters, hearts and calculators are aflutter with the news that Nate Silver is paying the U.S.C. campus a visit next Friday as part of the Holt Distinguished Lecture series. Silver is the statistics wunderkind whose uncannily accurate political predictions as a New York Times blogger earned him widespread popularity and created a new awareness about opportunities for analytics in popular culture.