Corn-Fed : Taking stalk of the government’s role in industrialized corn

by Olivia Rae Olson

Not on a cob. Not served with peas. But in your soft drinks, condiments, fast food, and salad dressing. The term ‘corn-fed’ once harkened back to Midwestern children with rosy cheeks, but has taken on a whole new meaning with the pervasiveness of industrialized corn.

Lunch with a Leader featuring Paula Daniels (Photos)

Paula Daniels is Executive Director of California Central, a USC Villaraigosa Initiative. She is the founder and chair emeritus of the LA Food Policy Council, a board member with the National Organic Standards Board, and a 2015 Pritzker Environment and Sustainability Education Fellow at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability …

Daniels joined us as guest in our Lunch with a Leader series on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015.

Paula Daniels: Championing environmental sustainability

  Paula Daniels has long been an advocate for environmental causes. Raised in Hawaii, Daniels has said she’s cared about water from a young age, and remembers learning about the importance of malama aina – stewardship of the land- from her grandfather. In a LA Weekly interview in 2012, Daniels says she even asked her…