The New Jim Crow

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander is one of the most important American books in the last decade. Alexander systematically explores the policy changes from the days of Nixon through the present – exploring how each decision has created and allowed a system which criminalizes blackness, brownness, otherness in way that both creates new racial biases and confirms them by incarcerating millions of young black and brown men (and to a lesser extent, black and brown women).

Bedrosian welcomes Jan Perry

September 30, 2013 – by Raphael Bostic – Perry once again impressed. I had seen her in action last December, when I moderated a mayoral candidate summit on affordable housing topics. At that event, Perry was knowledgeable, clear, and comfortable with the spotlight on her. She showed those same skills during our 90 minutes together with a small group of students and faculty.

New Economic Development Czar Returns to USC

September 12, 2013 – by Jeremy Loudenback – Even in a diverse, polyglot city like Los Angeles, Jan Perry cuts a unique profile that speaks to a multifaceted and sometimes contradictory political career. The former City Councilwoman is a Spanish-speaking, African-American, Jewish Democrat, whose pro-development efforts have sometimes put her into conflict with labor interests. Earlier this year, she made a spirited run for mayor of Los Angeles …