drinking, still I thirst: the impact of bottled water

by Casey Fischl

Bottled water consumption has steadily increased over the last few decades, reaching an all-time high in 2017 with 13.7 billion gallons of bottled water purchased in the United States. The consumption of bottled water has surpassed all other products in the beverage industry, including soda and beer.

Corn-Fed: Taking stalk of the government’s role in industrialized corn

by Olivia Olson

Not on a cob. Not served with peas. But in your soft drinks, condiments, fast food, and salad dressing. The term ‘corn-fed’ once harkened back to Midwestern children with rosy cheeks, but has taken on a whole new meaning with the pervasiveness of industrialized corn.

A Conversation with Michael Maltzan: Lessons on Affordable Housing

by Patricia Quintero Estades On Tuesday October 20th we had the pleasure of hosting LA architect Michael Maltzan for our second Lunch with a Leader this semester. We were also lucky to have our own wonderful “architect-in-house” Professor Liz Falleta as our moderator. Mr. Maltzan walked us through some of his most impactful projects, some we highlighted previously: from the Star Apartments…

From rights to race, symposium looks at local, global issues of street vending

originally posted on the USC Price website A worldwide growth in street vending has sparked controversies regarding the right to public space, arbitrary enforcement, right to livelihood, and treatment related to immigrants and race. As a result, a sometimes acrimonious debate has taken place among various stakeholders — including vendors, local government, formal businesses and…