Monorails aren’t just for Disneyland anymore

Los Angeles Daily News published an op-ed by Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School on why a monorail might be a viable transportation alternative in Los Angeles’ car-driven culture. Boarnet highlighted successful monorail systems in Japan, China, Brazil and Europe as models to transport Angelenos between the Valley and the Westside. “Modern monorail technology…

Big Data: Want more people to use public transit?

The Boston Globe featured research by Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School on barriers to making public transportation more hospitable for women. Boarnet described his research on travel habits of women living near the Expo light rail line in Los Angeles and reasons they increased their light rail use only half as much as men, including perceptions of safety and fear of harassment.

How Cheaper Metro Passes and, Yes, Scooters Can Help Prevent Homelessness

LAist quoted Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School on how different modes of transportation affect access to jobs by low-income workers in San Diego County. “They also need something that can work for them in terms of time cost,” said Marlon Boarnet, chair of the urban planning department at the University of Southern California.…


L.A. Taco featured the controversy on stand-up electric scooters in Los Angeles. Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School said there is a logic to the phenomenon — the need to gradually phase out carbon-fueled vehicles. He said they are helping to solve a long-standing problem in transportation: the “last mile.” There is a logic…

It’s Not Just Where You’re Going, It’s Also How You Get There

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
So … the journey and how we make that journey plays an important role in the quality of our lives. Listen as Marlon Boarnet talks infrastructure & quality of life with Anthony Orlando on #OurAmericanDiscourse

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Are ride-share electric scooters the future of urban transport?

The Guardian (UK) quoted Marlon Boarnet of the USC Price School about the benefits of dockless scooter sharing in cities. Marlon Boarnet, an urban planning and spatial analysis professor at the University of Southern California, says dockless scooters can facilitate short trips while being light on the environment and using minimal space. “Traditionally we view this…