Location, Location, Location! Mobility and Opportunity in East King County

Emily Lieb brings us another research update from Seattle from the Access to Opportunity Project:

What’s in a neighborhood? Scholars (and realtors) agree: Where a person lives determines how much access to opportunity she has. Good schools, safe streets, high-quality housing that appreciates in value, accessible jobs and services, clean air and water—all of these things make it possible for people to do the best they can for themselves and their families. Poor schools, high crime rates, bad housing, an unhealthy environment, and relative inaccessibility do the opposite. Each one of these things is an obstacle standing between a family and its potential.

Measuring Behavioral Attributes for Federal Agencies Across Time

Behavioral attributes are observed manifestations of cognitive or emotive constructs. Aggregates of such attributes are often used at the organizational level in public management research. Difficulties in measuring attributes over time and across organizations have frequently limited statistical designs to single organization and/or single time-period analyses. Focusing our attention on U.S. federal administrative agencies, we…