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PIPE Workshop: Kathleen Bawn, UCLA

Congressional primaries, like primary elections in general, are imagined to give voters, rather than party elites, the ability to choose which candidate wins the nomination. Indeed, we might expect primary election outcomes to reflect the preferences of the median primary voter, in roughly the way we expect general election outcomes to reflect the preferences of the overall district median.

We challenge this conventional wisdom.

The Future of Inglewood

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 Graduate students from the various programs are seeking panelists to explain how they use their work experience to solve real-world challenges. This panel will focus on the redevelopment of Hollywood Park in Inglewood. Why is redevelopment necessary for Inglewood? What are the benefits and consequences of redevelopment? Read more…

How You Work or Why? The Persistence of Altruistic Work Efforts as a Function of Mission Match—a Real-Effort Experiment

Bedrosian Center Research Seminar The Bedrosian Center funds several grants for USC Price faculty research on governance issues. Preference for the awards is given to research focused on collaborative governance, relationships between governance and planning, and government accountability issues. As a condition of the grant, each principal investigator is asked Read more…

Republican Debate Watch!

Join us in watching the next Republican Debate! Following the debate, stay for a panel discussion featuring: Tony Strickland, Former State Assemblyman, California 1998-2004 Dario Frommer, Former State Assemblyman, California 2002-2006 Anshu Siripurapu, News Editor, Daily Trojan Paul Samaha, USC Political Science Major, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences Read more…

Debate Watch!

Price students joined together to watch the first Democratic debate of the 2016 Presidential Election season. Pizza, good company, and opportunity to discuss the debate afterwards with Price faculty and student leaders.   This event was sponsored by WLPPD and supported by the Bedrosian Center and the Schwarzenegger Institute.

Government Executive shared an article with an overview of a study by Sergio Fernandez, William G. Resh, Tima Moldogaziev, and Zachary W. Oberfield. The study, published in PAR, argues the important of the FEVS and its value. The annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey would be more valuable if it tracked individual respondents over time, gauging how their attitudes toward management and agency leadership changed from one year to the next, according to a new study. Read the full article here. Read the study here.

Read about the talk here. USC Price Houston Flournoy Professor of State Government presents research The Political Economy of Municipal Coproduction: Fire and Police in California. Findings suggest that institutional characteristics, including organizational form, political culture, and competing service provision arrangements, influence coproduction in core municipal services. 04/20/2015 noon – Read more…

Vanishing Public Administration

Read about the talk here. Price Governance Salon March 31, 2015 2:30pm to 5:00pm Today, we are pleased to welcome Distinguished Professor and Editor-in-Chief of Public Administration Review, James L. Perry for his talk, Vanishing Public Administration: What Does it Mean and What Should We Do About It? Abstract: In a recent speech, Read more…

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