Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy is a memoir by J. D. Vance about family; about Appalachia, hillbillies, and the American white underclass in the rural and semi-rural interior of the United States. Vance relates his traumatic, poverty stricken upbringing to the larger social problems in both his hometown and the larger population. Through his personal struggles, he raises questions of personal responsibility and role of government in communities.

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Frank Zerunyan contributes to article on economic nationalism

The Christian Science Monitor article, “Can ‘economic nationalism’ keep more jobs in US?”  quotes Frank Zerunyan about an impending wave of economic nationalism among Rust Belt voters. Two decades of various presidencies … have continued this ignorance of middle America, the Rust Belt – this notion of being enamored by the rest of the world before…

PBS reposts op-ed by Frank Zerunyan

Frank Zerunyan penned a column for PBS NewsHour, How Trump could shock a divided nation back to life as collaborator-in-chief. “Partnership, not conflict,” were the words spoken by President-elect Donald Trump during his acceptance speech. That collaborative approach is what my scholarship on good governance shows is required for effective public administration.  ….As an outsider,…