Bedrosian Faculty at 2016 ASPA

The 2016 ASPA (American Society for Public Admininstration) Conference is taking place March 18-22, 2016, in Seattle. Terry Cooper wins the Ethics Lifetime Achievement Award from ASPA’s Section on Ethics and Integrity of Governance, see Page 49, Robert Denhardt, ASPA conference honorary co-chair William G Resh wins, along with his co-authors, ASPA’s William E. Mosher and…

From Subjects to Citizens

November 19, 2012
Professor Terry Cooper, along with research students Weijie Wang, Hui Li, and Henry Yee (now Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore), have been working on a Bedrosian Center funded project called “From Subjects to Citizens: How Homeowners and Local Officials Perceive Homeowners’ Roles in Local Governance in China.”