This is How it Ends

In today’s episode, we marvel at Dolan’s ability in This is How it Ends to mirror the gentrification fight with the relationship between young activist Ella and the older mentor Molly. We think about mentoring, gentrification, family, policing, and so many other themes as we discuss this tight thriller which is also social commentary.

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Leading from the West: The LA River Revitalization (Full video)

The 51 mile long LA River is due to be transformed from a concrete flood control channel to a city spanning ecological, recreational, and cultural space. Join us as we convene some of the many stakeholders, decision makers, and visionaries who are working to implement the LA River Revitalization Master Plan.


  • Renee Dake Wilson : Vice President, Los Angeles City Planning Commission
  • Carol Armstrong : Director, LA River Works
  • Omar Brownson : Executive Director, Los Angeles River Corp.
  • Mia Lehrer : President, Mia Lehrer Landscape Architects
  • Josephine R. Axt : Chief, Planning Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Raphael Bostic Director, Bedrosian Center on Governance