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The Brutish Museums

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The Brutish Museums by Dan Hicks is a necrography wherein each stolen item from Benin City is an ongoing event: each event a story of colonial violence told and retold through daily viewings by tourists and school children. A story told over and over again by countless curators across the globe. Can curators find a way so that these stories, these events, these artifacts cease their work toward annihilation of culture?

It is also a “calling in” for museum curators to work toward a future of restitution; a future of museums free of stolen objects, cultures, and histories.

Host Aubrey Hicks is joined by Jen Bravo, David Sloane, and Donnajean Ward.

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Thank you to our co-producers Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz as well as our beloved sound supervisors, The Brothers Hedden. Recorded at the USC Price School.

Jennifer Bravo

Jen Bravo

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David Sloane

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Donnajean Ward

Special Project Manager for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
USC Sol Price School of Public Policy

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