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The Hunt (dir. Craig Zobel)

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In this month’s episode, we’re covering a lot of dangerous ground with director Craig Zobel’s latest satire, The Hunt.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you likely already get the gist. Right wing conspiracy theories cost the livelihoods of some left wing elites, who decide a fitting punishment is to make the conspiracy come true.

Ostensibly, this is a satire addressing conspiracism, partisanship, social media bullying, cancel-culture, and more. Twelve people wake up in a field, they’re being hunted … but why?

Does The Hunt hit the bullseye, or does it fall short?

Host Erroll Southers is joined by Jonathan Schwartz, Chrysa Perakis, Aubrey Hicks, and Alex Ago for this episode on The Hunt.

Beware of … spoilers!

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