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The Kingdom

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Warning: *spoilers!*

Peter Berg’s The Kingdom is an action procedural which tries also to be a lesson in cross-cultural tolerance. Released in 2007, we wonder if this film makes the same amount of sense after ten years. The film follows an FBI team which travels to infiltrate and find a terrorist cell in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia following an attack killing many American citizens (as well as fellow FBI agent). If art is an imitation of life, have we moved on in the last ten years, or does this remain salient?

Listen now for a conversation on East/West cultural understanding, terrorism, FBI interaction with local law enforcement across the world, representation, and what remains universal in this film and how audiences have changed in the last 10 years.

Featuring Alessandro Ago, Deirdre Fike, Jeremiah O’Brian, Erroll Southers, and Ehsan Zaffar

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