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The Originalist

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Podcast featuring conversation on John Strand’s The Originalist, encore performance at the Arena Stage July 7-30, 2017.

Go, see it if you’re in DC!

Spoiler Alert!

John Strand’s The Originalist shines a light onto a polarizing Supreme Court Justice; Antonin Scalia. When a bright, liberal law school graduate embarks on a nerve-wracking clerkship with Justice Scalia, she discovers him to be both an infuriating sparring partner and an unexpected mentor.

Listen as Jody David Armour, Oliver Mayer, John Sonego, and Jade Wheeler delve into the politics of individual court members, Originalism, civil rights, civic duty, and what it means to be an American. We seek to look at the line between complicity in oppression of others and the attempt to absolve the complicity by attempting to form personal relationships with the oppressed. Is there a line between a complex individual and a monster?

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This podcast continues our ongoing efforts to bring policy and its impact into the public discourse.

Special thanks to Dean Jack Knott, USC Price and Dean David Bridel, USC School of Dramatic Arts for their support of this interdisciplinary conversation. Thank you to the Pasadena Playhouse for supporting conversations on governance in the theater and beyond!

This podcast was produced by Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz, recorded and mixed by Corey Hedden.

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