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There’s an Anti-immigrant Amendment Tucked into the Dems’ Fun-Control Bill

Published by Anne Johnson on

Pacific Standard quoted Jeffrey Jenkins of the USC Price School about the ideological spectrum of the Democratic Party in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“The Democratic Party is a reasonably wide ‘ideological tent’ in the House these days,” Jeffery A. Jenkins, a University of Southern California public policy professor whose work focuses on American political institutions….”There is a fairly large moderate wing too,” he adds. “These are members of the ‘Blue Dog’ caucus, and they represent districts that are fairly centrist. So these members have to be conscious of public opinion, and having roll-call votes be held against them come election time. Rather than vote with the party on this one, they decided to take the ‘safe’ route and vote in a way that won’t be held against them back home.”

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