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When fake news is funny (or “funny”), is it harder to get people to stop sharing it?

Published by Anne Johnson on

Nieman Lab quoted Abby Wood of the USC Gould School on how current political advertising laws could be applied to reduce the negative impacts of fake news.

A case for the U.S. government to regulate fake news. “Fake news is native advertising, or ‘disinformation advertising.’ Despite strong First Amendment protection of political speech, government can (and should) act.” That’s Abby Wood, associate professor of law, political science, and public policy at the University of Southern California. In a paper, Wood, along with Ann Ravel and Irina Dykhne, have released proposed regulations in a whitepaper. Some of these, such as a central ad archive, are similar to the guidelines suggested by the bipartisan Honest Ads Act legislation introduced last week.


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