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Women & Power

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In 2017 two lectures presented in the London Review of Books’ Winter Lecture series were published together in Mary Beard’s Women & Power. The first lecture put into context the idea and resonance of women’s public voice, with the second lecture focusing on power.

Host Lisa Schweitzer, joined by Aubrey L. Hicks and Pamela Clouser McCann discuss these two lectures, their experiences as women in the academy, as well as the state of women in institutions of power today.

Host Lisa Schweitzer (@drschweitzer) is joined by guests Aubrey Hicks (@AubreyHi) and Pamela Clouser McCann (@pjclousermccann) for this episode.

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The Silent Sex: Gender, Deliberation, and Institutionsby Christopher F. Karpowitz and Tali Mendelberg
In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Developmentby Carol Gilligan






This podcast was produced by Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz, recorded and mixed by The Brothers Hedden, Ryan and Corey.

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