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Wonder Woman

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Warning: *spoilers!*

Wonder Woman is finally on the big screen! Raised on an island secluded from the world, Diana trained harder than any Amazon before her. Taught that the world of man was corrupted by Ares, the God of War, Diana sees an opportunity to kill Ares and set the world right after a pilot crashes on the island. She journeys into the world of man, accompanying Steve Trevor into the “war to end all wars.” Soon, Diana learns that humankind is more complicated than the myths she knew.

After dozens of superhero films, has director Patty Jenkins revitalized the DC universe with this superheroine? Amid all the “rep-sweats,” did the film do justice to this classic comic heroine? Why is this film so important? What do we think of the women-only showings at Alamo Drafthouse? Did we enjoy this film?

Featuring Carla Della Gatta, Tara McPherson, Lt. Col. Olivia Nelson, hosted by Erroll Southers

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