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Elgar Companion to Sustainable Cities: Strategies, Methods and Outlook

Elgar Companion to Sustainable CitiesEdited by Daniel A. Mazmanian, Professor of Public Policy, Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California and Hilda Blanco, Research Professor and Interim Director, Center for Sustainable Cities, Sol Price School of Public Policy University of Southern California, US

Bedrosian Affiliate faculty member Professor Daniel Mazmanian and Research Professor Hilda Blanco recently edited a book that serves as a comprehensive framework for understanding and applying the methods and strategies for cities to attain a more sustainable future.

Against a backdrop of unprecedented levels of urbanization, 21st century cities across the globe share mutual concerns for the challenges they face. This book focuses on the importance of the city as a critical building block for a more sustainable future within broader subnational, national, continental, and ultimately, global systems context.   (more…)

Civic Engagement is Essential

Our conversation with Beltran Highlights the Need for Civic Engagement

September 17, 2014
by Jeremy Loudenback

15183174945_4fe5311a31_oWith rates of voter turnout in Los Angeles at a low ebb in recent elections, the city faces a crisis of civic participation.

Local leaders remain perplexed at how to improve the city’s lagging civic culture, and ideas have ranged from awarding cash prize to voters via a lottery system to increasing civics instruction in high schools and moving municipal elections to coincide with state and national elections. (more…)

Read Urban and Planning Women 2014

Associate Professor Lisa Schweitzer has been celebrating women and, in particular, women of color on her blog Urban ethics and theory for the last year. Here are links to her Read Urban Planning Women 2014 series (latest first). This is an inspiring project by one of our most active affiliates. Follow Dr. Schweitzer, or listen to her on our podcast.

#ReadUrbanandPlanningWomen2014 entry #21: Lisa Bates and Stacey Triplett

Apologies for all the typos. I’m in a rush. Lisa Bates is an associate professor at Portland State University. The piece of hers I decided to read and report on is: Bates, Lisa K. and Triplett, Stacey, “Getting Your House … Continue reading 

#ReadUrbanandPlanningWomen2014 entry #20 Annette Kim

Annette Kim recently joined our faculty here at USC, and she’s a specialist in international development who works in Asia. She’s got a long cv, but today I am going to write about her first book: Learning to be Capitalists: … Continue reading 


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