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Between the World and Me

We’re continuing our conversation about race in America, with the book Toni Morrison calls “required reading.” Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is ostensibly a letter to his son about growing up a black male in America. This prize winning correspondent of The Atlantic tackles the very big questions of our time.

Featuring Jody Armour, Raphael Bostic, William Resh, and Danielle Williams.


Research Updates

What’s in it for me?

What motivates individuals to not only work hard but to go above and beyond their job requirements when working for organizations that deliver social goods?

This is the question that prompts some of my and colleagues’ most recent research. We think that this is an important topic to study for not only public management, but for its policy implications as well.


Policy Tools, Compromise, & Quarrels in the U.S. Congress

Governmental public policies provide a framework for programs, services, and resource allocations to address societal problems. The bicameral nature of the United States Congress provides a setting for conflict not just on whether to reform existing policy, but on what policy instruments to employ. When Congress decides to address a problem, the policy tools at their disposal include more or less regulation, direct service provision versus subsidies to other entities, and delegations of authority, to name a few.