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Turkey, Step up to the Plate

October 17, 2014
by Justine Dodgen

Over the last few weeks, the United States has escalated its offensive against ISIS, also referred to as ISIL, Daesh, and the Islamic State. As ISIS continues to launch attacks in Iraq and Syria, notably the siege of Kobani, a town on the Syria-Turkey border and home to a predominately Kurdish population, the US and other NATO members have urged Turkey to play a larger role in countering ISIS advances. Turkey has the opportunity to emerge as a leader to the region and demonstrate good governance by taking a stronger stance against ISIS and upholding the peace process with its Kurdish minority.

Map source: France 24r

Map source: France 24r

While Turkey holds a unique position to influence the larger political dynamics of the region, as well as the outcome of the Kobani offensive, Turkish leaders have disagreed with the US over what actions should be taken- and who they should be taken against. As one US military official noted, the US and Turkey are involved in a “six-sided war” that includes ISIS; Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government; the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, or PKK, a Kurdish rebel group; the Kurdish minorities in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey; the Free Syrian Army, a moderate opposition group; and the international coalition including the US. While the US is only targeting ISIS, Turkey is split between its confrontations with the PKK and ISIS as well as Assad’s Syrian regime. (more…)

The Art of the Public Policy Deal

Steve Soboroff discusses the art of the public policy deal, leadership, the LAPD and more at a Lunch with a Leader event.

Steve Soboroff discusses the art of the public policy deal, leadership, the LAPD and more at a Lunch with a Leader event.

October 16, 2014
by Jeremy Loudenback

The way Steve Soboroff remembers it, the most significant development in Los Angeles in 75 years started with a helicopter ride.

As he was riding high above the downtown L.A. skyline in search of potential sites for a National Football League stadium in the mid-1990s, the empty space around the underperforming Los Angeles Convention Center jumped out at him as the perfect spot for a new sports arena and convention center. (more…)

How Well Do Our Leaders Represent Us?

October 15, 2014
by Jeremy Loudenback

Over the course of the past few decades, the country has been in the midst of a significant demographic shift, becoming more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before.

Unfortunately, the people who govern it are still overwhelmingly white and male.

Attention has frequently focused on the less-than-representative ethnic composition of the U.S. Congress, but new research funded by the Women Donors Network (WDN) suggests that the problem is not limited to the federal government. (more…)

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