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Philip Potter

In this episode, Jeff Jenkins’s guest is Philip Potter, Associate Professor of Politics (UVA), and the Founding Director of the National Security Policy Center. Potter’s work looks at how public opinion effects foreign policy, when do policymakers have leeway, and when does public opinion constrain policy?



This month, Lisa is joined by Carla Della Gatta and Richard Green to discuss the timeless play by Sophocles: Antigone.

The play has clear connections to political struggles we face thousands of years later. The struggle between law and norm, the struggle to define what the state can control, and more. Listen as our three scholars discuss the necessity of reading Antigone today.


The Real Fake

Using the case of Thames Town, an English-like village in Shanghai, Maria Francesca Piazzoni’s The Real Fake looks at Chinese ideas of spacial construction and what authenticity means in (re)making spaces.