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About Us

We are an applied research center at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, serving public, academic, and practitioner communities.

Democracy is a process of governance. Politics is collaborative decision making. Democracy is community building. We share research and lead conversations exploring democratic ideals.

Through public discussion series, we focus on pressing issues facing the nation and integrate these conversations with civic education at the heart of strong communities.

CONVERSATION is the foundation of democracy.

Pasadena Playhouse with the cast of The Whipping Boy.
Prof Lewis facilitating a class discussion.

We prioritize RESEARCH support and serve our academic audiences through networking, publishing, and knowledge sharing.

Our Director brings scholars together to share vital research through the Political Institutions & Political Economy Collaborative. The Center partners with the USC Price Dean’s office to bring innovative scholars to campus through the Consortium on Collaborative Governance and Price Governance Salon series. 

In addition, we serve as a conduit to best practices and cutting-edge thinking about managing institutions and implementing policy, and making them known broadly.

We engage directly with local elected officials who participate in our Executive Education Forum on Policy (EXED), offering a curriculum in ethics, governance, LEADERSHIP, and public policy. This program promotes and enhances commitment to public value and reaches across sectors to deliver high-level perspectives from experts in the industry and the Price School’s top-tier faculty.

The Judith and John Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Public Enterprise, an applied research center at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, is dedicated to understanding and fostering effective democratic governance as an essential component in ensuring the betterment of communities. The Bedrosian Center fosters effective governance by:

  • Building the professional capacity of public and nonprofit institutions,
  • Shaping public dialogue across public, private, and nonprofit sectors on governance and institutional reform,
  • Promoting and supporting innovative governance scholarship.

The Bedrosian Center serves as:

A focal point for the discussion of pressing issues the nation faces regarding how the public sector can work better.

  • A conduit to best practices and cutting edge thinking about managing institutions and implementing policy are made known broadly.
  • A center of education for public sector principals and staff with the goal of improving government effectiveness in implementing policy.

Bedrosian Center