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Great knowledge need not wither on the academic vine. We bring you the smartest minds from the University of Southern California and beyond, wrestling with the defining challenges of our time. In their research, we find wisdom. In their voice, hope.

Hosted by Anthony W. Orlando, Our American Discourse reminds us that we’re never too different to learn from each other, nor too divided to find common ground.

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Substandard Housing: The Choice No American Should Have to Make

I heard a story recently about a man who lived in a crooked apartment. The floor was sloped, so that if you placed a bottle at one end of the room, it would roll downhill until it hit the other wall. The apartment was rent-controlled, and the man who lived in it was terrified that…

The Art of the Public Policy Deal

“The ACLU and the [Los Angeles Police] Protective League have never agreed on anything, ever,” Soboroff said. “But they both agreed that with certain conditions on-body cameras will protect the people they want to protect: the public and the officers. When they both said yes, I knew I was on to something. Now, every major city in America is following us, watching our test with on-body technology.”

Public Policy Investment: A New Approach to Studying Policy Priorities

Bedrosian Center Faculty Awardees present research findings. Today, Anthony Bertelli will present findings on a new approach to studying policy priorities. This research seeks an international collaboration around a new theory and method for analyzing attention to public policy topics by governments. The project will address some of the enduring questions of democratic government: why…

The Concept, Origins and Effects of Issue Ownership

Issue ownership refers to the association of particular public policy issues with particular political parties. Walgrave examines the concept in international comparative context. Stefaan Walgrave is professor of Political Science at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). He received his PhD in 1995 from the KULueven. He has been teaching political science since 1996. His research…