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Sloane and Lewis awarded grants to bring services to high-need communities

Sloane and Lewis awarded grants to bring services to high-need communities LaVonna Lewis Community Transformation Grant The Community Health Councils proposes to implement proven programmatic, policy, environmental, and infrastructure improvements in a series of racially/ethnically diverse and concentrated high-need communities within the City of Los Angeles in order to transform neighborhoods and Read more…

Intersectoral Governance in Community-Based Organizations

Intersectoral Governance in Community-Based Organizations: Prevalence, Challenges, and Best Practices by Howard P. Greenwald Professor, Price School of Public Policy Research Objectives and Background The purpose of this research is assess the degree to which community-based organizations achieve inter-sectoral collaboration,  to identify challenges to inter-sectoral collaboration, and to communicate best Read more…

From Subjects to Citizens

Professor Terry Cooper, along with research students Weijie Wang, Hui Li, and Henry Yee (now Assistant Professor at National University of Singapore), have been working on a Bedrosian Center funded project called “From Subjects to Citizens: How Homeowners and Local Officials Perceive Homeowners’ Roles in Local Governance in China.” We talked with Cooper about how the project is Read more…

Collaboration and Culture: Organizational Culture and the Dynamics of Collaborative Networks

Research Associate Professor Christopher Weare and Assistant Professor Nicole Esparza have been working with Professor Paul Lichterman, a sociologist from the Dornsife College at USC, on the question of what makes civic networks cohere and fracture over time and how these processes affect the ability of networks to support the work of non-profit and advocacy organizations. 

Public Policy Investment

Associate Professor Anthony Bertelli has been working with colleague Peter John, from University College London,  on the question of why governments favor one policy over another.  Their findings will be released in an article titled “Public Policy Investment: Risk and Return in British Politics,” in the British Journal of Political Science. We talked with Bertelli about this research and what the findings could mean.

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