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Dividing Lines: Keeping Races in Their Places


A book talk with USC Price PhD, Anthony W. Orlando!

More than fifty years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, American cities remain divided along the very same lines that this landmark legislation explicitly outlawed. Keeping Races in Their Places tells the story of these lines — who drew them, why they drew them, where they drew them, and how they continue to circumscribe residents’ opportunities to this very day.

Dividing Lines: Desegregation of California Public Schools


Part two in our series, Dividing Lines, will focus on desegregation in Orange County. Bedrosian Faculty Affiliate, Anthony W. Orlando will speak with Janice Munemitsu about her book The Kindness of Color. In the book Munemitsu uncovers how two Orange County families became the faces of one of the most Read more…

Dividing Lines: Redistricting the Geography of Representation


Part three in our series, Dividing Lines, will focus on redistricting voters in California. Bedrosian faculty affiliates, Anthony Orlando and Christian Grose will speak about Grose's co-authored research, The California Citizens Redistricting Commission: Fair Maps, Voting Rights, and Diversity.

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