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Facebook takes thrashing on Wall Street after experts question its ad review tactics

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Salonquoted Abby Woodof the USC Gould School about Facebook’s proposal to police bad faith content with machines is likely problematic.

But does it make sense to rely on more machines to police a problem caused by machines in the first place? Abby Wood, Associate Professor of Law, Political Science, and Public Policy at USC’s Gould School of Law, told Salon in an email that outcome is more important than the logistics of regulation.

“It seems to me that the outcome – reducing the amount of disinformation circulating and amplified by sharing, liking, and commenting from fake accounts — is far more important than the means by which Facebook reaches the outcome,” Wood said. “Facebook could have started with manual checks and ramped up an automation system that would perform as well as humans. It seems that they did not take this approach.”


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