Brian Yeokwang An

Brian Yeokwang An is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy and Management in the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California. His primary research interests lie at the intersection of governance of public organizations, collaborative public management, and local public finance. Much of his research focuses on how institutional arrangement affects public organization’s financial outcomes in intergovernmental settings.

His dissertation, “Governing the Public Goods: How Institutions Shape the Allocation at the Local Level,” shows how the design of institutional rules determines where local and regional governments spend essential urban public investments and their impacts on citizen’s quality of life.

Brian also studies urban politics, urban environmental policies and sustainability, and housing/community development. His articles have appeared in the Urban Affairs Review and American Politics Research. His paper “It’s Not Just Welfare: Racial Inequality and the Local Provision of Public Goods in the United States,” has been selected the best paper in urban, local, and regional politics by the American Political Science Association in 2018. Brian expects to complete his PhD in May 2019.

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