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David C. Sloane


Ph.D. in History
Syracuse University

Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall, 313
Los Angeles, CA 90089


David Sloane is a professor in the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California. Dr. Sloane researches issues related to community health, public safety, and commemoration from both historical and contemporary perspectives. He has written extensively about neighborhood level institutions and activities, especially related to food systems, street gangs, and public memory. Much of his work explores issues of collaboration and change, looking at how community advocates can mobilize to affect their environments, and thus their well-being. He has written two books and edited a third, as well as publishing many articles in professional journals. He received his BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his MA and Ph.D. from Syracuse University. Professor Sloane serves as an associate editor of the Journal of the American Planning Association. He currently serves on board of directors of the Los Angeles Regional Planning History Group, and did so formerly on the boards of the Vernacular Architectural Forum and the Community Health Councils, Inc.


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