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Elizabeth Graddy

Jeffrey J. Miller Chair in Gov’t, Business, &  Economy
Executive Vice Provost

Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis Carnegie Mellon-University

Office of the Provost
3551 Trousdale Parkway, Suite 102
Los Angeles CA 90089-4019

Elizabeth Graddy was appointed Executive Vice Provost on October 29, 2018. She holds the Jeffrey J. Miller Chair in Government, Business, and the Economy and is Professor of Public Policy in the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Graddy served as the Vice Provost of Academic and Faculty Affairs, the Vice Dean of the Price School and as Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs. From July 1, 2019 through October 1, 2019, she served as Interim Provost. She received her Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Reporting to Dr. Graddy are the offices of Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Programs, and the Graduate School. She advises the provost on faculty appointments, promotions, development, tenure, salaries, and policies. She is also responsible for advancing excellence in the undergraduate curriculum and enhancing the vibrancy of the undergraduate experience, accelerating USC’s progress on in the Ph.D. programs and USC’s flagship graduate professional degrees, and increasing the stature of USC’s online and postdoctoral programs. Dr. Graddy serves as the provost’s representative on the University Committee on Academic Review and works with deans, chairs, and faculty to advance programs appropriately informed by the resulting recommendations.

Her expertise is in institutional economics, public and nonprofit organizations, and public policy analysis. Her research focuses on the role of private organizations in serving the public interest, how industry and organizational structure affect performance, and how information asymmetry and uncertainty affect institutional design and effectiveness. This work has led to over 50 scholarly publications. Her current work is addressing public-private service delivery outcomes and the development of Asian foundations. She is currently a co-editor of the Journal of Policy Analysis & Management and on the editorial board of the Policy Studies Journal. She is a past public member of the California State Board of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Graddy is the recipient of several teaching awards at USC.


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