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Jeffery A. Jenkins

Provost Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, & Law
Bedrosian Chair of Governance & the Public Enterprise
Director, Bedrosian Center
Director, PIPE Collaborative

Ph.D. in Political Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall, 201A
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Jeffery A. Jenkins is Provost Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and Law, Judith & John Bedrosian Chair of Governance and the Public Enterprise, Director of the Bedrosian Center, and Director of the Political Institutions and Political Economy (PIPE) Collaborative. He previously held tenure-stream positions at the University of Virginia, Northwestern University, and Michigan State University.

His research interests include American Political Institutions and Development (with a special emphasis on Congress and political parties), lawmaking, separation-of-powers, and political economy. Much of his work takes a positive political theory (or rational choice) approach, and examines how political actors pursue their interests while being constrained by formal and informal institutional arrangements. His current work involves papers on the ideological content of federal lawmaking in the post-war era and book projects on how civil rights policy has been dealt with in Congress over time and how the Republican Party evolved in the South after the Civil War.

Dr. Jenkins holds a PhD in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MS in mathematical methods for the social sciences from Northwestern University. He has been a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University and Michigan State University.

Jenkins been Editor in Chief of The Journal of Politics since January 2015.

He is also the founding Editor in Chief of the Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy, which began publishing in 2020, and Historical Political Economy, which begins publishing in 2021.

He is Editor in Chief of Broadstreet, a blog that focuses on historical political economy, and I host a podcast called P.S. You’re Interesting, where I talk to political scientists about their research.


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