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Michael E. Harris

Professor of the Practice of Health Services Administration and Policy

USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall 315

[email protected]


Health care contracting, health care policy and reform, emerging health care delivery business models, health care innovation and its impact on health care delivery systems, health care prevention, wellness, patient access

Mr. Harris is Professor of Practice for Health Services Administration and Policy at the Sol Price School of Public Policy for the University of Southern California. His focus and interest includes health policy and the transformation of the US Health Care Delivery System, as well as, addressing health care disparities to improve health care access.

Prior to joining the USC faculty, Mr. Harris was a principal with Harris Health Care Consulting with over 30 years of health care experience in the areas of managed care contracting, IPA, MSO and medical group operations, and management of ancillary services and network development and provider acquisitions.

Prior to forming Harris Health Care Consulting, Mr. Harris held the position of Engagement Executive and Manager with a national consulting firm and has served in several senior management positions with physician organizations including President of a three hundred physician ophthalmology network and Vice President of Business Development at a major medical group in California representing over one million enrollees.

During his career, Mr. Harris’ consulting firm, was honored by the University of Southern California as the Preceptor of Year.

He is also a sought after speaker and trainer for many health care organizations across the country health care strategy and development and health care reform. Mr. Harris holds a master’s degree in Health Care Management.


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