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Galentine’s (Parks & Recreation created by Greg Daniels, Michael Schur)

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We’re deviating from our normal episode structure today … we’ll be channeling our inner Leslie Knope to celebrate Parks & Recreation and Galentine’s Day.

We all re-watched season 2 episode 16 of Parks & Rec to prepare – but we’re public service nerds, so we can’t contain ourselves to just one episode.

Listen as host Aubrey Hicks with guests Chrysa Perakis, Donnajean Ward, Jovanna Rosen and Prof Nicole Esparza to share our joy of women’s friendships and Leslie Knope’s love of work for the public good.

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Recorded at the University of Southern California. This podcast is produced by Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz. The sound supervisors are the Brothers Hedden.

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