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Is Trump’s Impact Overblown? Sherry Bebitch Jeffe responds

Published by Aubrey Hicks on

Bedrosian Center faculty Sherry Bebitch Jeffe published an opinion piece last week analyzing the impact Donald Trump’s presidential campaign might have on the Republican Party. In doing so, she draws a comparison to former California Governor Pete Wilson’s 1994 reelection campaign, and the legacy his campaign has had on Latino voters in California.

See an excerpt below, and check out the full article over at Fox & Hound.

As if politics weren’t crazy enough this year, Donald Trump has brought his unreality show to the 2016 Presidential race. Trump’s buffoonery has captured the attention of the media and the hearts of more than a few grumpy voters, at least for a while. But those who worry (Republicans) or hope (Democrats) that Trump’s antics will finally, totally, destroy GOP chances of winning a viable share of Latino voters in 2016 should take a deep breath…

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